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UKVIA Contests Ban

Image: elenabsl

The U.K. Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has called on smokers, vapers and the wider industry to join a national petition urging the government against banning disposable vapes and flavors.

The petition highlights the potential public health consequences of “excessive and counterproductive legislation” that reduces the effectiveness of vaping as a stop-smoking tool, according to the UKVIA. Blocking access to flavors and disposables could prevent adult smokers from switching from combustible cigarettes, according to the organization.

The UKVIA is directly engaging with its own members, advocacy groups and online communities to encourage consumers to pledge their support to the petition. The UKVIA is also running a major social media campaign to maximize sign-ups and sharing stories from ex-smokers who have switched to vaping.

“The prospect of heavy restrictions or bans on disposables or vape flavors, as being considered as part of the ongoing government consultation, could be the biggest health setback this century and risks undermining years of smoke-free progress,” said John Dunne, director general of the UKVIA, in a statement.

“Under no circumstances should these products end up in the hands of minors, and there is no doubt that preventing youth access to vaping is critical, but this cannot be achieved by sacrificing the stop smoking potential of vaping for adult smokers. The voice of the vaper has gone largely unheard around the government’s consultation, yet they could be the victims of any punitive measures introduced. Therefore, we have created this petition to give a platform to the millions of adult vapers who have quit with the help of disposables and flavors—it is critical that vapers nationwide now come together to collectively warn the government against prohibitive and harmful legislation.”

The new petition was created as part of an ongoing UKVIA campaign to “Save Vaping, Save Lives,” which has also included equipping the association’s members with information to encourage and mobilize vapers to respond to the government’s youth vaping consultation.