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Investor Welcomes Independent Directors

Photo: KT&G

Flashlight Capital Partners, a significant shareholder of KT&G Corp. welcomed the cigarette manufacturers’ appointment of an independent director, which the investor said would enhance governance and shareholder value.

At its recent annual meeting, KT&G appointed Kyung-Man Bang as its new CEO. Shareholders also approved the appointment of Dong-hwan Shon and Sang-wook Kwak as outside directors

“We view this appointment as a victory for all shareholders, irrespective of size or nationality,” said Sanghyun Lee, managing partner of Flashlight Capital, in a statement. “With the addition of a truly independent director committed to advancing shareholder interests, KT&G has taken a crucial step towards governance normalization.”

In a letter addressed to KT&G’s new board of directors, Lee outlined asked the company to link the compensation of the board and CEO to performance; investigate the underperformance of KT&G’s Lil heat-not-burn product in Japan; and exit the asset management business, among other actions.

“With the appointment of the new board of directors, especially Mr. Shon, we are optimistic that KT&G’s future will be characterized by increased transparency and improved governance standards,” said Lee.