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European Support for Smoke-Free Technology

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Smoke-free technologies should complement the EU’s existing tobacco control measures, according to participants in a survey commissioned by Philip Morris International, according to Eureporter.

Carried out Nov. 10–15 by Povaddo and presented in Brussels on Nov. 17, the poll surveyed 13,000 adults spread over 13 European countries.

Among the participants, 73 percent said that industries should be incentivized to develop innovative products that are better for consumers and the environment. Sixty-nine percent said interested adult smokers should be encouraged to switch to scientifically substantiated, smoke-free alternatives by taxing these products at rates that are lower than cigarettes but high enough to deter youth and nonsmokers. Additionally, six in 10 respondents agreed that government endorsement of innovative tobacco products would have a positive impact on smokers.

“We know the potential to do better for adult smokers exists, as several member states have carried out similar policy approaches in, among others, energy, cars and alcohol,” said PMI Senior Vice President for External Affairs Gregoire Verdeaux during the presentation of the survey results.

“Pragmatic policies have the power to improve people’s lives, incentivizing companies to innovate for the better and provide equitable access to technological advances, especially in a time of economic instability.”

Povaddo Research President William Stewart said he hoped the results would encourage EU and national authorities to assess the results of current policies and consider other approaches, including “sensible regulation and taxation, while creating an environment that fosters innovations.”

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