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E-cigarette Smugglers Found in Finland

Photo: Kekyalyaynen

Finnish Customs uncovered a substantial e-cigarette smuggling operation in Helsinki, according to The Helsinki Times. The operation involved illicit imports from China.

Customs officers discovered a shipment of about 1,000 nicotine e-cigarettes during routine inspections at a courier terminal in Helsinki. The suspect had ordered about 1,600 e-cigarettes from China in 2023.

Finland prohibits importation of vapes through “distant communication methods” like online orders. Penalties can range from fines to imprisonment plus paying back evaded taxes and illicit gains.

Some people are unaware of the rules, however. “Not all those persons always know that it is illegal to order and distribute e-cigarettes,” said Marko Laitinen, investigation leader, referring to young people ordering e-cigarettes. “Once you get caught doing that, it always entails criminal liability.”