We are based in Kentucky and we offer Hand Rolling and Pipe Tobacco, grown in Kentucky. These are some of the best tobacco products available in the USA.

J&R Tobacco only uses hand selected Virginia Red Leaf Tobacco and Kentucky Golden Burley Tobacco to provide a premium product to the market place.

We also supply a premium brand of cigars. Try our 45/47 brand of cigars which we have manufactured as a homage to the 45th President of the USA, Donald J. Trump.

About J&R Tobacco

Established in 2020, we source our tobacco leaf close to our production facility and this friendly relationship with our suppliers sums us up. We are large enough to deliver but are small enough to care.

We do not have the huge overheads of the multi national brands who, by there nature are impersonal and only care about their multi $billion profits.

Our tobacco products are a premium brand, manufactured in the USA. We only use hand selected Virginia Red Leaf Tobacco and Kentucky Golden Birley Tobacco sourced from farmers within 50km of our manufacturing facility in Kentucky USA.

Our hand selection ensures that long strands of bright Virginia Red Leaf Tobacco are meticulously combined with air cured mahogany Golden Burley’s. The result is a rich and satisfying smoke and as with most Virginia flue cured leaves, you can expect a wonderful flavor!

We are now setting up a DBA to establish a Pharmaceutical Company develop the medicinal properties of nicotine.  We are seeking investors to come in at this early stage on an entity that we have established which can be a multi million $ company within a short time. If you want details on this investment opportunity please contact us at:     JANDRHOLDINGS@OUTLOOK.COM 

about our tobacco

Virginia Red Leaf, or flue-cured tobacco, is also known as ‘bright tobacco’ because of the golden-yellow to deep-orange color it takes on during curing. Typically curing for a week in heated barns, it has a light, bright aroma and taste.

Virginia Red Leaf is the most widely used leaf tobacco. Its leaves are 20 – 50 cm in length. Virginia Red Leaf has a high content of natural sugar and a sweet taste. Virginia Red leaf is harvested leaf-by-leaf from the bottom of the plant.

Dark, smoky, and masculine – these words best describe the taste of our Golden Burley which is rich and smooth, providing a slow and clean burn.

Our Golden Burley has zero harshness in the puffs and it provides for an excellent smoking experience. It is coarsely cut to perfection, meaning you won’t need to light it too often.

Our Golden Burley offers a classic, standard tobacco taste with a full-flavored smoke. You will not find any additional undertones, so you can enjoy the natural flavor of of our tobacco. 

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